Problems with Blender.Chat (why google?)

Blender.Chat using Google for analytics and Storage of files. About analytics I have not much problem there. Because blocking google analytics does not really degrade much overall usability. But since the storage is at google. No images load properly if I choose not to load things from any of google’s domains.

Is there an option to redirect the data somehow? Or to set a different server for the data? Or at least if you don’t care. Make it so it will downloads the data onto blender’s server somewhere and from there to the end user. So the IP’s and other things would never be on Google’s servers to begin with.

My problem is that even if the file it self is harmless. And it’s a direct link without some DRM or other harmful JavaScripts. Google still knows my IP. And I don’t want it. I might use over TOR from now on. IDK.