Problems of UV coordinates and SVG export

I am a product and packaging designer. I’ve been using blender since 2.8 alpha as a former Cinema 4D user.
Problem No.1
I’m always curious about how blender defines the coordinates.
The default cube with default uv that comes with blender. As you can see, when I select all the uv face/points, their common or say average coordinate on Y axis is “0.542”.
While in C4D or most 2D applications, in similar situation, their average coordinate should be {x:0.5 y:0.5} which is the 2D bounding box center [ points:{(Px0,Py0),(Px1,Py1)…(Pxi-1,Pyi-1)}, average coordinate: x:{(Px.max+Px.min)/2,(Py.max+Py.min)/2} ]
I could make a guess that blender is using some power evaluated algorism to caculate the average coordinate. So can we have a option to choose the algorism?
This is quiet important for me when doing my type of design which requires precision. In fact, as long as I have none symmetry uv in either axis, the coordinate blender shows means nothing to me. When I import some mesh from moi3d which contains some ngon faces, this problem becomes worse. I have to nudge by eye and by band. I just want to unwrap and type in 0.5 to center and maxiumize the uv.

Problem No.2
I am from China and often I will name my blender file with Chinese charactors. Everything works fine except SVG uv exporting. 2D software such as adobe illustrator or Affinity designer will inform me this svg file is invalid. After doing some research, I found the problem lies in encoding. If I open the svg file in text editing software, in the 6th line where the block is, the Chinese charactors of the file
name are terribly encoded to some weird letters. As soon as I change these letters to any regular English letter and save the file would perfectly fix the problem.
Could I expect a little fix on that?