Problem with acumulative Shading Groups

Hi everyone! Is there a limit of nodes by shader material? I have a problem with this. When I connected many nodes to Principled BSDF all is good to limit. If I connect one more, the shader becomes black, and if I disconnect another one all works. What can I do?

Thank you for your attention. Regards.

Yes, the video card is limited

Thanks, I know, but there are 4 or 5 images of 2k in all the node three for 8Gb VRAM. Is it normal? I knew that procedural structures works with CPU+RAM.

I’m not sure, but most often the restrictions are imposed on the size of textures

There is a stack limit in the SVM that handles the generation of the true shader code that runs on the device. Once it’s reach you get a black output. I reported this a few days ago (⚓ T95498 SVM Stack limit reached), and there is a task to make this limit more dynamic, so it adapts to the shader tree.

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Thank you very much both!