Problem changing hotkeys? 2.8

I was having problem changing hotkeys with the pref imported from 2.79, so thoguth that the 2.79 pref were causing conflict since i have a lot of them changed, so i deleted them and started from a fresh 2.8 and yet i am having the same problem.

The problem that i am having is that sometimes i change a shortcut, lets say ‘‘Shift+Spacebar’’ for ‘‘Ctrl-Spacebar’’ and other hk end up being changed or restored, is happening with alot of them but mostly with "Object: Non-modal > Call Pie Menu.’’ Just want to know if it is a known bug or is a problem here.

Well, thats weird, I could configure my keymap without problems, I guess there’s a bug in this current build.

Is happening with me since the beta, im downloading a new version every 2 days or so, i guess something is wrong here then.

To keep your keymap, export it, save a copy somewhere safe, and put the other copy in the following location (on Windows):

(User) -> AppData -> Roaming -> Blender Foundation -> Blender -> 2.80 -> scripts -> presets -> keyconfig

If these folders don’t exist, make them.

Each time you update the keymap inside Blender, export a copy.

I always make a safe copy when i change the hk and they don’t mess up, but that’s just a workaround…