Powerful and simple asset management solution with only but python


for my scatter addon i needed a asset management system for automatically setting up particles systems after appending assets. so i created this below.

here’s what it can do right now (mostly for my needs):

-> you access this asset with an operator that will pop this window on always on top mode, but i could make a dedicated editor for this (if possible, i think it is)

-> in this windows all the asset use grid_flow so when you change the size of the window the asset rows and column will adjust automatically. you can also adjust the preview size.

-> each assets have keywords and the user only need to type something to filter the assets.
(ex: user type “plant” and every assets who have the plant keywords will show up)
i could also sort them by X category if needed.

-> below each assets there’s a button. when the user press the button, all it does is executing a script, in this script, there’s codes to append Y assets from Z blends files and use W particles presets for each one of them.

“But how do you let users create theyr own asset ?”
-> i have a basic file named __default__ in the folder. this file is a python script of everything i need
( so basically it said append “asset name x” from “y.blend” and then execute “z particles system” )
after that all i needed to create is an operator that copy the file, add .py extension and replaxe x ,y and z from an user based interface.
like this below:

i get that this interface is quite slow BUT again it’s for mostly my needs. you could create an operator that automatically save the active object to y.blend and create a python file that said append object from y.blend

And that’s why it’s so powerful.
because it’s not really an asset management. it’s a script management system disguised as a management system. you could manage assets whith script that asign materials, that change the world, import and set hdri, create animation for active object, that import nodes groups, that download an asset from the net and load them in the library… ect… that can do basically ANYTHING !

i really hope that the future asset management system will also give the possibility to simply execute a custom script. like i did in this system. because the possibilities are simply limitless.

i’d really like to develop this concept to it’s limit. but well is it worthy if a new system will come soon ?

the most important thing to remember from this topic is: will the future management system allow to manage and execute custom scripts ?