Possible to get an undenoised albedo pass?

does anyone know if it’s possible to get an undenoised albedo pass? I’d like to denoise it with the intel denoiser node in the compositor instead of the old blender one.

Can it be unaffected by the adaptive sampling too? I’d like that to get the full beans even if the noise threshold is set high.

The first question, yes, just enable the pass and denoiser it as you normally would do in the compositor.
The second one, the only way to make it not affected by AS is to not enable AS I’m afraid.

With that said, the Albedo pass usually don’t need any denoiser, it’s a planar color pass that is clean after a few samples, and the sampling does not affect it’s result AFAIK because it just represent colors in the scene, no light our anything, so I’m not sure I understand what you are asking for.

Just tested, and the albedo pass from the denoising data passes seems to be getting denoised on the fly, if you switch the render window to view layer and go to the denoise albedo pass you can see it being created slightly behind the render bucket during rendering. It’s never noisey regardless of how many samples you make, but it does become less detailed with lower samples, another indicator it’s being denoised.

Did you think I was talking about the colour passes from the diffuse,glossy and transmission?

There is some prefiltering that happens on the albedo pass. This was designed for the Cycles native denoiser and is not ideal for the Intel denoiser.

When we integrate OIDN natively as part of Cycles we’ll also change the albedo pass to remove this prefiltering. I believe selecting the Optix denoiser will already do this (even when not enabling Denoising).

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