Possibility to Select Objects From Linked Files

When you have lots of linked files in the scene, it becomes harder to detect objects in which file it’s linked from. And seems like it’s not possible to select objects from a certain linked file.

I feel like this is kind of data management is quite important and only task I could find is T68934 which has very few details. If there is a “to do” task (or “known limitation”) related to this, please let me know. I’m hoping to see more improvements on this area and/or better documented the limitations.

In below gif you see linked file that has “suzanne” and “Torus” collections. Torus collection is also library overriden. As you can see I can’t select any of the objects or collections of the linked file through the outliner (Blender File display mode). Only overriden collection allows me to right click and choose via its material (objects still not selectable).

Here is the test file I used: Linked_Test.zip

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