Pop-up menu for extrude, bevel, inset faces and the like


I want to thank the developers and all who are contributing. Blender is going from great to GREATER. I was wondering if the developers could add a pop-up type of a menu for extrude something like 3ds Max has. I’m not new to blender but I feel like if this pop-up was added it would make much more sense overall. Please take a look at the image to see what I mean.

. The way its set up now in 2.8 with the blue, green, yellow, red seems a bit odd. How hard would it be to implement this feature? It would be really nice to see this in 2.8.

Hmm, I’m wondering why we need a popup menu. Can we maybe place those settings in the header or bottom right corner or something? I just feel like it might become a tiny bit distracting if they are right there but I really like the idea.

That sound like a good idea too. The pop up as seen in the picture I feel like is more interactive. Since you’re in the moment of extruding and that pop up would conviniently pop up and you would just enter your values etc. And hit the check mark button.

Yeah I agree with you. I remember using Autodesk Inventor awhile ago and finding that feature really really helpful. I suppose if there was a fast and easy way of hiding it when I didn’t want to see it (such as when I want to make a bunch of quick extrusions). I think the thing is, personally, I don’t want to have it popping up right where my mouse cursor is every time I press E and then left click. If there was a set place for it open I would like that a lot better (from my personal opinion of course). But yeah, that’s just my opinion. I would be happy to see it implemented to at least try it out because I can see it having a LOT of potential for many things that I do too.

Something like this could be nice.
To edit the settings of the tool we are using.

I like that solution, but how will you solve operators with a lot of parameters or in other areas?

F6 popup for that or the new tool settings.

Yeah, I agree when doing a couple of extrudes, it would make sense to limit how much it pop up or how fast it pops up and how long it stays open. I suppose that is one way.