Poor visualisation of close edges

In the latest 2.8 beta ( and all other 2.8 versions i’ve tested) it is very difficult to see the edges in an object if those edges are close together. this didn’t happen in 2.79 and makes tweaking a model quite difficult, these 2 images show what i’m describing. i used the floor generator addon on both to make a floor object, and in 2.79 it is very easy to see where one plank ends and the next one begins, but in 2.8 all you see are long lines and have to display the object in wireframe to be able to clearly see the individual planks.

it would be really nice if that was improved.

thank you!

2.8 has more options to deal with that than 2.79 but the default studio light yes tends to be really flat, im always changing the default view options.

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Try using EEVEE with viewport samples set to 1. Workbench has (non working?) Antialiasing option (under Film wtf?) but seems to only disable AA while transforming the view (even if AA is enabled).

AA seems a hot topic, as for some things it’s nice, but not at all for others, and controls are all over the place and with different effects (and bugs?). For example Blender 2.8 Wireframes Discussion

seems like the default should be one that doesn’t have the issue of the current default. than might make new users quit fast out of frustration and not knowing where to look. i’ve been using blender for a couple of years now and this was something i didn’t know at all, so thank you for sharing!

i will try that, thank you!