Please make Tooltip appear faster even if the mouse cursor is moving on the tablet.

Hi, I’m one of the Blender users.
I usually use Blender on a tablet Wacom Intuos Pro.
The Tooltip display is slow.

A tooltip, in this case, is something that shows a function description and python code when you hover the mouse over an icon or menu.
For example, if you hover the mouse over the Select Box that appears on the left side of the screen with the T key
Select Box>Select items using box selection.>Shortcut: Shift Space bar, B
This is the one that appears as

I tested the time it takes to display this Tooltip under various conditions.
In my case, I got the result that it is necessary to stop the mouse cursor completely in order to minimize the display time.
There are two ways to stop it completely: by minimizing the trembling or by moving the pen away from the tablet.
If you don’t know what a function is from the menu name, you can just hover the mouse over it and read the tool’s function description.
It’s inconvenient that it takes so long to display.
In Maya, the Help Line is fast and accurate, even if the mouse cursor is moving.

I want to be able to display the Tooltip even if the mouse cursor is moving.

There is a video I posted at this link. If you have a tablet, give it a try.


  • When the mouse cursor is moving while using a tablet such as Wacom Intuos Pro, it may take a long time to display the Tooltip of Blender.
  • It may not be displayed when the mouse cursor is moved even a little.

I want to be able to display the tooltip even if it is not completely still when using the tablet.
Also, I want you to be able to set the time it takes until it is displayed by Preferences.