Please invert A and Alt + A shortcuts

I feel really weird modeling in blender because I use “A” a lot to DESELECT things, when was the last time you needed to select ALL, most of the time we DE-select All

Thats why I think we need to invert the Alt+A and A functions. A should be for deselection and Alt+A for selection.even if weird using Alt for a kind of opposite purpose it is at least for me the best… for our finger joints.

  • I use "A"mostly to Deselect all
  • I use “A” mostly to select all
  • I use “A” to both.

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Like I told in some reviews the problem with A is not only that you must change the shorcut, the problem is that you must change the shorcut in a lot of areas. It’s really hard to believe that any user will change hundreds of shorcuts.

Alt+Key is a conventionnal modifier key to do the oppisite of Key, used in hundreds of softwares since years. Inverting this behavior is counterintuitive, especially if it’s based on your preference, that you can already manage by yourself anyway.

Besides that your form doesn’t let people choose if they agree with your point or not, depending on their use of A.


I think key combinations should be for the less used operations while simple keystrokes should be for most used.

I personalty hate having A to select all, is the same as having a button to select all when you want to deselect all.
Alt + Does indeed the opposite of A either.

That’s what I want to see with the pool, people prefer A or Alt + A to select all?

Anyway I should have been more explicit.

That’s what I want to see with the pool, people prefer A or Alt + A to select all?

But your poll is only asking how people used A untill now. Not if they prefer A or Alt+A for select all. That poll only means what some people usually do, not what they think about your proposal nor gives arguments on the topic.

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Lol… This is nothing, the standard is ctrl+a to select all, and ctrl+shift+a to deselect all. :wink:


we’re not talking about standard, BLENDER IS NOT STANDARD.

anyway, try to count how many times you press ‘A’ in blender and you’ll get what I mean.

IMO we shouldn’t mess with muscle memory stuff, it causes struggle.

In my opinion, the ‘A’ shortcut should not be changed at all.

As other commenters have said, messing with muscle memory will lead to nothing but frustration.

Some of the user design changes have made 100% sense, but I do not agree with the changing of the most basic hotkeys (i.e Tab, Space, A).

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Exactly. when I try to use 2.8 for basic things like editing a cube, is already frustrating at the point I keep haming the key because I dont understand what is happening.

The 2.7x keymap is not going anywhere, so what’s the point?

I’m really glad it isn’t going anywhere but you know… I cant make a tutorial series on top of the old keymap.

Well, I’m used to adaptation (keyboard hotkey wise), so those changes actually means nothing to me. :wink:

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have you ever really modeled every day? your brain hardcodes stuff in order to get efficient then you cant change it anymore.

like walking on your legs or using the mouse with the right hand… W,A,S,D Shift and Space… you know…

Yes man, in c4d/zbrush/blender…

that explain. maybe its just me, good luck.

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Sure people could use 2.7 keymap, but I like some of the 2.8 keymaps.

I want “A” to select/deselect all in 2.8 keymap. There is no reason to have “A” select and “Alt+A” deselect as separate keymaps. Currently I can’t even get “Alt+A” to deselect

I tried remaping “A” to select/deselect all in 2.8 default keymaps but i couldn’t get it to work.

You want, what’s comfortable to you to be default, in fact, everyone does, me included, but that’s not how things works, not this time. 2.8 has a pretty ambitious goal this time, to reach the masses, so we need to adapt to let that happen,
There are a lot of shortcuts I wish they made as default, but instead I decided to wait for the industry standard keymap to make the jump, it’s easier for everyone…

The industry standard keymap will change everything… trust me :wink:

I think I will end up depressed with the changes and give up of the 3D world but before that happen I think I will at least give a bite on other sofwares.

its easier to learn something from scratch anyway.

You know whats comfortable?
To not work.

I think the heavy usage of A-“Deselect” in blender origins in the slightly non standard selection behaviour. Most DCC apps have a box selection as default and whitespace click clears the selection, this works rather well. We all know it from the operating system, works just the same.But blender just doesnt follow this for whatever reason - so users are accustomed to just additivly select and press the A button to deselect.
Personally I find the whole approach not the best, I can live with it but would rather let go of it. Alt-A for select all in combination with whitespace click -> clear selection would proabably my prefered solution.


But, honestly, have you reeeally tried to adapt to the new behaviour? As in patiently trying it out for, say, an hour or two? Of course it can be frustrating at first. After 8 years using blender (and only blender as far as 3d goes) I adapted to the new behaviour rather quickly. I use 2.79 every day at my job and then 2.8 for an hour or two at my home trying it out in simple personal projects. I’m having a harder time every day going back to 2.79 shortcuts than 2.8 now. Imo, If one can learn different softwares, one can learn new shortcuts. It requierees patience.

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