Please bring back the Colorful Icons

HI, Developer Team

I’ve been a Blender user since the early days and I remain amazed at how powerful this tool has become and even more so that it has just gained more and more success over the years. I recall the resistance from the users to major overhauls of the interface in the past, and this round is no different. I am all in favor of updating it to reduce the learning curve and to incorporate new features. Clearly a lot of thought was put into the 2.80 update. I have noticed some bugs, but I am sure they’ve already been covered by other users.

My only request at this time is to bring back the colorful icons and the reason is simple, when using the new interface I found that I have to concentrate to home in one the monotone icon that I’m looking for. Without the color, some information was lost that made it easy to identify the right one in one glance.

Thanks again for all your fantastic work!