Platform Specific Key Conflicts?

Some shortcuts conflict with key bindings used for the platform, I’d like to collect a list of these, then check on solutions - at the very least we could have preferences for alternative bindings.

Starting with a list of 1, asking if users are aware of any others so we can resolve this for 2.80 release.

Are there other keys used by the key-map that conflict default operating system keys?

  • Ctrl-Space / Ctrl-Alt-Space (Ctrl-Shift-Space for some reason too)

    macOS, next/previous input source (language)

  • Cmd-Space / Cmd-Alt-Space
    also unavailable, conflicts with macOS desktop search

    available Shift-Space, Alt-Space, Shift-Alt-Space, Cmd-Shift-Space

  • Cmd-Alt-Q and some other conflicts with the hard-coded Cmd shortcut

Some keyboards, such as Spanish or German, do not have the “Accent Grave” key at all,
or in some languages, it’s “dead key”.

There is also a common problem with handling “dead keys” in Blender.


Not directly related to the OS, but in the Italian keyboard layout the accent grave used for view navigation is not accessible directly, in unix systems I think it can be typed with the alt gr modifier + ', but on windows it’s only possible with the ASCII table.

I noticed that for some reason the key get converted to ò, and the same happens to /, converted to ù, but there is no way to discover this unless you randomly press buttons on the keyboard.


Please read my latest post. This is not a problem with Ubuntu. Apologies!