Pixel Depth Offset and Layered Material Painting: Crazy useful Unreal features Blender needs!

Here’s my ground masking approach. Only works for ground plane. Currently using ground positional value to derive with the dot product.
For curvature I guess we need to find a way out for making a dot product or distance field of hill object normal and ground object normal.

Maybe Animation node has some opportunity on that. Unfortunately going back to production for now. So, can’t really get into it right now,

Here’s the file and demo if it helps.

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This all looks like really good work. Is there are way to smooth the normals across the intersect seam? The intersections are still fairly visible.

Actually, wait, AFWS’s solution looks like it’s doing…something like that?

These solutions needs to be mixed together. I am currently on production and will become free in February. If someone else want to handle it, can dld the zip. Although mine one serves only for planner. Curvature needs some mixture of dependent object normals.
@AFWS is using Dynamic Paint for masking if I am not wrong. Which is actually a very good way.

@AFWS Could you please share the detailed node tree from this result? Looks very useful and I hope it helps me with my project. Thanks!

Would love to see the progress and playing around

You made a wonderfull mix there, would you like to share more about the nodes and attributes? i’m searching to learn this technique

@nikegrass @christianwilliam @Melkor

Waiting for @cgvirus to be able to join in. Like cgvirus mentioned, I’m using dynamic paint, data transfer modifier(uvs and normals) and nodes to be able to do this. Because of this, you can’t always keep it “interactive” and it fails like 50% of the time. If you’re already using dynamic paint for something else, this technique doesn’t work. In 2.8, you can’t have a canvas and brush on the same object. This limits the blending to just one object.

@AFWS @cgvirus any word on this? Would be extremely helpful for landscape work. Can’t find a single method that is really effective at getting good results with blending meshes.


Haven’t messed around with it anymore.


This gets the landscape intersection ,but it only works in cycles.


@Alberto, I want to point out that you made almost the opposite argument as this throughout 2.80 development. You were always looking for an “easy” button for everything even though the capabilities were always there. You are a major reason I stopped coming to this forum. You are tirelessly combative about any new feature requested and any change made to the way 2.79 worked. I hope now you can accept that all of the resistance you made to the changes that the 2.8x series brought were completely unfounded. I hope you can find the strength to stop trolling on this site in order to fight for some “ideal” that is ever shifting in your mind and let the adults handle business without your constant noise, arguing, and worthless resistance. Find another forum to argue on. You aren’t helping. Get lost.


Hey there ! Wondering if you can help me recreate your node setup to blend normals with the ground plane?? I think i’m close but it doesn’t look nearly as good as yours @AFWS


The normals isn’t coming from the nodes. You need to use a data transfer modifier to the get normals.

Could you share a more detailed setup? @Nerve asked the same I believe. I’m not sure how you are incorporating the data transfer modifier with your nodes - thanks in advance! @AFWS


Done with Geo Node and Data Transfer. Unfortunately Normal attribute can not be changed in Geo node right now. So Data transfer came handy. Hope it helps folks.


wow,really nice addon。but cant i imput an collection for ground color blend node?

Hi thanks, yes it can be done.

  1. Go inside the color blend node using tab.
  2. replace object info node with collection info node
  3. use relative
  4. connect it in Target socket of attribute proximity node

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Have you tried geometry nodes with 3.0.0 Alpha? Looks like the nodes you used is no longer there. There is only a Attribute Statistic and Capture Attribute. There’s a Geometry Proximity ,but the only inputs is Target and Source Position.

OK, It’s under legacy and has to be enabled in preferences.

Yes, was seeing some demo on structure update. Let’s see what the final looks like first. I will update it when 3.0 goes public.

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A little late to the party, but I just tried CGVirus’ method with the updated 3.0 geometry nodes and it works relatively well.

I also tried using the collection info node, but the Vertex Group and Colors just came out as Zero’s across the board.


Check the blendit addon :