Physics based rigging

Dear Developers,
Today I am here with an exciting feature that can be really helpful for rigging. So, there’s a software (I’m not gonna name because it might be illegal as Pablo already said) which has an ability to do Physics based rigging. So, let me elaborate what I mean. Let’s say you’re trying to rig a character but as you’re moving the leg of it, it’s not affecting any other parts of it. So, how about if you move it’s leg and other parts attached to leg also moves according to Physics. I don’t know if I’ve explained it right or not but you can checkout Andrew Price’s tweet from 31st July 2020 (I hope that won’t be illegal at all). And I want to thank every developers who listens to all of us and reply to our ideas. I’m really hoping a good reply from you guys.
Thanks for reading!

Personally I think it’s just hype. We’ll have to see what the reaction is in the animation industry, but anyways, I doubt this kind of thing is coming to Blender anytime soon. Maybe it could be built in to the new simulation nodes that are being designed, who knows?

Well, talking about the hype, I think this feature might be more appealing to those who hates animating. It can make things a lot easier for them. And if blender have this feature now, this would be a good time to resonate with it as it will result in hype of Blender.

You’re talking about Cascadeur Beta that is currently making the rounds on YouTube. It’s not illegal to name different software. You are only not allowed to make direct comparison videos to mimic other software 1:1 and post them here.

It looks intereesting. True. Software like this isn’t anything completely new, though. Earlier there have already been systems like Endorphin and Euphoria (both developed by NaturalMotion). IIRC with these you were also able to define a start and en pose and the software would sort of “stuntman” the motion in between or at least parts of it masked out by a character mask - for example for standing on an shaky ground.

If you want to start developing your own system for this and integrate it under GPL into Blender you are certainly very, very welcome to propose it. As a must have feature this should not have a hig priority right now, while Blender still has quite a few blindspots in super important features.

There are still UI discussions going back and forth between how to implement UX for speed and being intuitive at the same time. There is still my personal pet peeve - multi value property editing, which has been neglected for way too long. Just yesterday I proposed a better UI/UX for texture baking. The retopology viewport shader that is being worked on is still not on the horizon. UV tools, while getting some love here and there, are still mostly in the medieval ages (which goes for unwrapping algorithms or even packing a UV map without the UVPackmaster Addon). There are still a lot performance improvements in the works… And I guess if you ask someone who is not specialized in game art then they will tell you many other basic features they’d desparately like to see before shiny new stuff.

Yes it’s cool. Cascadeur is very specializd, though. As such, proposals like these are probably better suited for a later date and/or could be discussed at RightclikcSelect.