Particle Nodes UI

Hope to add rotation, basic collisions, group instances, and basic cluster functions.

Are you on windows? You have to make sure to use the last build from 28 dezember.

If you meant basic mesh collisions, they can already be done:

(Thanks, :sweat_smile:)

If you meant particles’ self-collisions, then I’m with you, eagerly waiting :slight_smile: But they’re not planned for the near future, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

@jacqueslucke A quick question: are the following all the built-in particle attributes, or is there more?
Position, Velocity, Size, Birth Time, Color, Dead.


I think there are two reasons these files are crashing atm. In the function deform modifier example, you removed the other Group Input nodes that were in the default node tree. There is no error checking for that currently.
Furthermore, since you linked in some node groups from nodelib, their path will be wrong on another computer in most cases. When sharing files, it’s probably best to make all node groups local for now. That will have to change of course.

These are the attributes that all particles have atm:

Just noticed that I wanted to remove the “Emit Hook” think. This should only be present when particles are actually emitted from a surface.


Thanks! I forgot our randomness friend “ID” from the list… :slight_smile:

I tried to fix the issue, have a look. Both files should work now.

You can also try the build from the folder ‘Builds Win’, it should have better performance.

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Not perfect but it works. Filename: Spraypaint.blend

Particles are only affected by turbulence if they are in the collision group.

I love that it is so easy to build custom nodes and promote single parameters.


Thank you very much. I will try and let you know.

PS: sorry for the delay. It was a rough week.

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is there a manual to understand how nodes works ? and when i downloaded from , i can’t find the same nodes lol why ? thanks x)

There is no manual. You have to extract the information from this thread here for example.
A good starting point is a post in the comments section of the Win64 Function Nodes Branch over at

Not all nodes are in the menu. You have to call the search function and scroll through the search thingy.

I see there is no manual yet,
but the I can’t find the ‘Explode Particle’ or ‘Kill Particle’ … etc, I downloaded the lastest build 2020-01-19,
and I don’t know if the nodes changed or just I don’t know where to find them,
because it’s the first time I use it, and when I press Ctrl A and write ‘explode’ there isn’t a node with the keyword ‘explode’ same thing with ‘kill’ and maybe other nodes I didn’t notice,
so if there is a way to call those nodes or other nodes that I can’t find in the Ctrl A menu
and even Shift A menu, please show me how to call them,
And thanks for your answer :grin:

Ah, yes, you have to set a path for the nodelib.
A bunch of nodes like explodes were removed because they can now be created from other nodes. They were replaced with nodegroups but you have to download the nodelib file and set a path in the preferences.
Just search this thread here for nodelib and you will find what you need.

I added a link to the post that explains how to setup the nodelib in the initial post.

thanks for both of you, I will play with some nodes later

Just realised I can use spectogram images with Bparticles to visualise music :slight_smile:

@jacqueslucke What are the “event filter duration” and “event filter end time” node values referring to?


Hmmm… Is that bug or design feature?

It is works correct:

But direct connection Random Float node to size assigns the size to 0 (all particles become invisible):

Blender Functions build at 2020.01.23

I really like that animation, thanks for sharing.

Those nodes are work in progress. Their goal is to allow you to build all kinds of events using node groups. Currently, the Age Reached Event node is still builtin, but it should also be a group. However, events can happen at any point within a time step, so you somehow have to know what the current time step is for every particle. The nodes you mention give you access to this data.


The inputs of this emitter must not depend on any particle attributes. For example, it does not make sense to control the “Amount X” input using the particle ID, because the particle does not even exist before the emitter is executed. This limitation simply applies to the “Size” input as well still. It could be changed, but it is more likely that this node will be replaced by a node group anyway.

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Hi @jacqueslucke

Is it possible to have a Viewer Node(s) for function nodes as we have in AN? It will be very helpful for debugging the node-tree.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah, very good point. Maybe this could be a more generic node, that can display multiple informations/data also in the viewport. For example: vectors, the index of vertices, normals, weights, force fields, volumes, particle attributes etc.

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This is definitely possible (even if it is not as “easy” as in AN) and will have to be implemented. I did not work on any drawing code yet, though.