Particle Info node in Eevee not working

I have been trying out particles in 2.8 Beta, but when trying to use the age or speed or any particle Info from the Particle Info Node to drive any transparency or colour in it’s shader - in eevee nothing happens. Is this a bug?


It’s not supported:

Particle Info
Not supported.

Oh that’s a big shame. Are there plans to support it in the future?

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sadly 2.8 is out and I’m afraid it’s still not supported, but I still hope they will implement it in eevee with future updates


2.90 has released and no this node! What a hell???

It’s about time it gets implemented, I haven’t even seen any tasks in the developer page by @Hypersomniac , from that one time several design tasks were created the same day to be tackled eventually, like object motion blur

it is much more interesting to build pyramids of primitives on top of each other than cteating a very important node

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I’d love me some particle info in Eevee, that way we can render all of our FX particles with Eevee directly.

Now thats a +5 from me.


As a temporary workaround, you may export those particles to Alembic and use them with Geometry Nodes, but not sure if all the info you want / need will be there :slight_smile:

Interesting will we see that node before blender 3.xx… :thinking:

Any news for 3.0???

Really hope devs will consider this feature for the next patch or at least give us a way to make particles fade in and out in eevee. Currently they pop in and out of existence instantly. More control over this would be nice.