Papercut: Name of modifiers is usually unseen

I’ve always found it annoying that the name of a modifier is hidden unless you set an unreasonable width to the properties panel, justified only to show the modifier name, but creating useless empty space for all other elements of the properties panel, and reducing space for the 3D view.

Although the idea of having modifiers with only one line on the header sounds better, maybe adding one line so the name of the modifier could be visible would be a good idea, or some other solution. I would keep the name, up/down arrows, and X in the same line and put elsewhere the display options.

EDIT: After posting this I saw there’s a thread about papercuts. I should have posted there. I can’t delete the post. Could any moderator delete this to make my contribution less notorious?

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When the Everything Nodes project gets completed the modifiers are supposed to get an overhaul where we’ll be able to drag and drop the modifiers freely to re-arrange them in the heirarchy. Adding this functionality would mean those two buttons wouldn’t be necessary so they could be removed which would free up the space for the modifier name. So hopefully this is coming relatively soon.