Painting update?


I’m a huge fan of Blender and have been using it extensively in commercial projects and personal ones too. I love how I can keep almost the whole process of production within the application. One feature I’ve been waiting for a while now is painting.

We have so many options out there including the dominating Substance Painter. I think I can speak for a lot of Blender users when I ask, when are we going to see an update for the painting feature? Mari is painful to use, Substance Painter is an expensive subscription, and the free ArmoryPaint is buggy as hell.

The perfect solution would be to update the painting features. We need a layer based workflow as a bare minimum. Doing it by hand in the node editor is painful and takes too much time. Maybe use the code that ArmoryPaint has already started and build off of that. Then we can address composting like in Nuke/Natron.

Please! We need this!!!

Please take a look at the banner on this website, feature requests are off-topic on DevTalk and should be posted on right-click select instead.