Painting Brush Size Lock

Hey, guys, I am posting here so maybe someone could point out why the brush doesn’t actually have a lock so it’s size remain constant. Other painting software does that and in reality, brushes don’t change their size. It feels unnatural to me but anyway even if you want it to behave that way why not have that option for those who want it to be locked?

I already made a proposal on RCS but I was wondering if there are too few people that actually paint in Blender as it’s not getting many votes and I don’t actually see the point not to have that option available because it wouldn’t have any negative impact on anyone if both options are available.


I don’t think anyone disagrees that this would be useful to have, it just hasn’t been implemented so far. It’s not entirely trivial to make this work well with projection painting.

Even tho the current painting feature is barely usable as its super laggy I am not entirely sure how it would affect when projection painting. Is projection painting the stencil mapping? It seems for SP both are different. Maybe there are some use from locking the brush for stencils but not entirely sure.

Projection painting is what texture painting does by default, which is projecting the 2D brush from the screen onto the mesh. Having a 3D brush in the scene with a constant size would be a quite different system, which is why it’s not simple to add an option for this.

I see. So is it only possible to have a constant brush size by using a 3D brush? Is SP brush a 3D brush then? They have the brush locked by default. Does this have anything to do with someone I’ve seen somewhere developing a brush for Blender that actually rotates based on normals direction instead of camera projection?

If you want to draw consistent strokes on a 3D object and zooming in and out not having the brush to keep the same size of the stroke independent of the zoom level makes this nearly impossible to get right.
I don’t see much difference to drawing on Photoshop and drawing in Blender (I mean drawing really not painting). I think this is an essential feature to have.

“Having a 3D brush in the scene with a constant size would be a quite different system, which is why it’s not simple to add an option for this.”

What does it mean to implement such option? Does this mean a complete rewrite of the brush system? Could you please suggest where should I look in the source code?

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In Sculpt Mode Brush settings, we have a Radius Unit: “Scene” option, which keeps the brush size fixed regardless of zoom factor and works incredibly well. It would be amazing if this feature could come to texture paint mode too. :grinning:

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