Overrides - Solve material override before other things?

So I’ve been looking into the Overrides milestones, and material override is put after some other things like templates management.

But shouldn’t material override be solved before thinking in overrides and library interaction?

I know it’s kind of complex but overriding a material is one of the most important things to do with a linked object, to give randomness to the scene, to handle a specific state of the asset, to produce specific passes and a long etc…

This goes to @mont29 I presume.


I agree.
Imagine you want to have a linked car duplicated 3 times with different colors. Right now you have make full copies of the whole car each time you want to have differently-colored objects.
Even if it is complex, it needs to be done for library overrides to become useful.
Also, huge UX pass would be appreciated. Even experienced blender users have problems understanding how overrides work and how they are intended to be used.