Ortographic limits wrong?

Hi there.

I just got the daily build (it says it’s branch blender2.7 for some reason… but as you can see it’s 2.8)
Date: 2019-02-16 14:15
Hash: 0d86259fc8a3

I’m not sure if this is a bug, that is why I’m posting it here first.

When I change to ortographic views I cannot see the grid, and it seems the view clipping is wrong because it’s “eliminating” some objects from the view.

This is the scene in perspective:

And this is the scene from the front view:

Here you can see my overlay settings:

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it’s weird for sure, but maybe it’s just a temp state while improving wireframe and other things in the viewport, that is why I wanted to ask here before posting a bug.



Мe too. Maybe this bug appeared in one of the latest builds

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I noticed it too - I believe it’s simply a bug.

Ok, if you are aware then it’s a known bug, no need to post it :slight_smile:

I searched but could not find an existing bug for this. Someone on BA complained about grid missing from ortho views as well.

I can enter a bug for it unless someone knows of an existing one or is motivated to make one :slight_smile:

Clipping is definitely screwy. Just open a default scene, go to an ortho view and then rotate the view and the cube gets clipped.

Ok, in ortho mode, clip-start is getting interpreted in some weird way. If I crank up clip-start to say 100m then things look good and the grid appears.

Going to bug it.

I downloaded the build on 18.02, this bug is missing )

Maybe it’s already solved in toda’s build :slight_smile:

yesterday the bug i had was that the clipping near values where inverted between ortho and perspective, today buil its to be fixed

Yep, all fixed here too today.