Orthographic grid, not a standard overlay?

Hello all,

Just as a disclaimer, I am not a professional artist, I’ve been teaching myself Blender as a hobby for a couple of years now on my free time. Overall I’m very impressed with all the work that was done to make 2.8 more accessible to beginners.

With this in mind, I was working on modeling my first character and I wanted to be able to see my background image more clearly in my front orthographic view. So I opened the 2.8 overlay pannel and disabled the grid option, and I was surprised to realize that this only affects the grid in perspective mode.

I realize that those are two different grids, so my suggestion would be to make two different checkboxes, one for orthographic and one for perspective. I know it wouldn’t add any functionality as it is possible to switch to user perspective with the same point of view by pressing 4, 6 and 5, but as the orthographic grid is clearly an overlay I think it would make Blender’s interface more consistent.

Please let me know if I am missing the big picture here, and thanks for reading my feedback!

This has been discussed on developer.blender.org.

I agree that it’s not acceptable that you cannot disable the grid in orhographic view. I think this will most likely change.


in 2.7 i used to set grid scale to 0 but the axis are always there.
yep that doesn’t seems to be right