Options to rotate the image in the Image Editor

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Not “high priority” of course but I think it would still be handy.

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In the Image Editor, it would be useful to have a “Rotate button” in the left toolbar and a “Rotate” (or “Transform”) sub-menu in the Image menu.

The “Rotate button” could maybe allow to rotate the image freely (any rotation angle) and a long click on that toolbar button (as shown in the mock-up bellow) could display other options like the ones listed bellow.


The “Rotate” (or “Transform”) sub-menu could feature:

  • Rotate 180°
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Rotate Counter Clockwise
  • Flip Vertically
  • Flip Horizontally

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Hello, for now what can be useful to you within Blender without using another App is in Compositing use this nodes: image, transform and viewer. Then into Layout go to Image Editor and “Browse image to be linked” and choose Viewer Node

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