Option to scale floor GRID

In blender 2.8x infinite grid is painful to work on some scenes.it will be better if we have an option to switch between normal 8x8 grid or infinite.


For me it’s really annoying that the grid does not scale down to small objects in the centimeter range. It just stops scaling to that degree. Sure, you can set it down to 0.01 in the viewport overlays but that also affects the display of all the other values.

Would be really nice if the grid simply scaled down to infinity (or at least a very, very low value in the micrometer ranger or something) and simply displayed the current size of one sqare in the top left.

Also has been requested on RCS - here: https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/wDdbbc/
(I think I also requested it there but I can’t find it, ATM)

(edit) and yes - you can also change the values in the “Unit Settings” tab, but that also scales up the grid floor in the 3D view. Would be really nice to being able to work in the 3D view with one grid square being a centimeter or even millimeter without fudging with grid unit scaling first.
Especially since this also has to be set for each new scene all the time again.