Open a recent file in another window faster with a modifier key

After enabling some add-ons, there is a significant delay at Blender’s startup when it just shows an empty grey window. While working on Blender, I often need to another .blend file that I used before side-by-side. But starting another instance of Blender (by clicking the Blender icon in the start menu or clicking “blender” in the context menu on the TaskBar) takes the same amount delay, even Blender is already running.

I have found a workaround by clicking “Window -> New main window” and then open the other file there, but can’t it be more convenient? How about when clicking an item in “File ->Open Recent”, holding a modifier like ctrl or shift does the same thing as doing “Window -> New main window” and opening it there? Most web browsers work like that when clicking link, so the behaviour is not strange.

Maybe middle-click the filename? Like open new tab in Firefox. Could be nice…