Old vs new keymaps poll

I expect this tread to be locked, if not, lets be democratic and make a pool, just to see how many like or dislike the changes.

My theory is that current comunity is so diverse that will be hard to decide in another way.
Also, this is a test, dont take it serious.

  • Keymap shouldn’t be touched.
  • New keymap is good.
  • I dont care.

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If we want users to be able to take advantage of new features like the tool system or nested collections, we need to make some changes though. It’s a question of how many changes and what they should be, and a yes/no poll doesn’t capture that.

Further, you could for example propose that we include a Blender Classic keymap for those who don’t want any changes at all.


Some new features like tool system only complicate things from my point of view, both for addon writers and casual users.

I predict we gonna have many, many users asking things like: “how do I change back the tool?”, “how I set move back as default?”

About the collections, they are both an improvement and a workflow destroyer.
The fact that they are nested, benefits animators and riggers but because we must go to the outliner to hide them, and worse, we cant hide arbitrarily individual objects, this will be restricting for character modelers who dont want to hide all objects in the same collection and also dont have access to the number row to toggle fast though different object sets.

But the biggest problem is the way to change modes now. EVERYONE is used to hit Tab and done, this is a strong habit, we hit tab all the time, It wont be any comfortable to start to use the number row.

Make a test, close your eyes take your hands of the keyboard, put back and try press 2, you will likely press 1 or 3, now try the same with tab.

But thats just my opinion, other people think different, we must know if it benefits or damages the comunity more in general before doing brute workflow changes.

I haven’t seen a single change today that requires modifying any hotkeys to implement anything. What’s more, the only real change in tools has been the active tools and it has not been necessary to touch a single hotkey to implement them perfectly. And the layered hotkeys could have been perfectly preserved, as already mentioned.

What I see is a lot of desire to break the hotkeys, without any reason of weight or reason.


Hello first, I thank the developers, their pascience for those who are against the changes in the UI, but I propose that you give us an explanation of why those changes are good, in what they help, why is the best option, with convincing arguments, because if there is no such explanation, it seems an imposition, and that is what many have not liked. I am in the best position to accept the changes if they give me a convincing explanation. Thanks for your effort.

Yeah, I would like to be convinced please, the fear of not adapting to this is not the best of the feelings.

The poll doesn’t have enough choices. Basically, there is two main questions and they each have independent possible answers.

Is a new keymap needed / good idea ?
→ Yes
→ No
→ Don’t care

Is the currently new keymap proposal ok ?
→ Yes
→ No
→ Don’t care

Those are more accurate. Understand that the answer on one of this question doesn’t neceserally influence the new answer.
And, to be honest, the most usefull data won’t be the straight answers to such poll, but the reasons behind everyone’s choice.

Actually, “need” and “good idea” could be separated too, because even a not-needed feature can be considered a good idea, vice versa.



But I think it doesn’t matter, developers will still force us to use the new keymap like parents force kids to eat brocolli, on tv series.

It isn’t a big broblem except by the fact that probably we wont have advanced blender tutorials for a few months since the teatchers will have to learn blender again.

It is a issue, especually if multiple keymap options are provided.
If going for a new keymap, then delete the old one, so at least everybody will work with the same.
I feel that i will not only need to learn the new keymap but all the keymaps of my collegues and they each others keymap to talk about the same thing.
This is the biggest concern next to missing bindings due to some idea that a minimal set is good to give users a choice, which i think will result in the same messed up scenario.
Then is the whole standartisation argument which is just used to have some reasoning to change something that is working perfectly fine like the mode switch like 123 which is just not better once you look at it from the perspsctuve already explained.
The whole motto with workflow improvements seemed promising, but on the keybindings part it really did more damage than anything else at this point. So i really hope that all this discussion will lead to devs not sticking with a plan that was layed out and rethink designs and concepts when it comes to the keybindings situation.