Okay Lets fire the new File Manager

When saving or searching for files with the Blender 2.81 interface, we now have to first click buttons and dropdowns before we can get to tools that we will definitely use.
The default save/import settings are never perfect so we will definitely be setting things.
Sort by: this is something used almost every time we’re searching for files. Previously this could be done by the click of a visible button, but now we need to click the dropdown then look for it on the list.
Also the options. Saving file as what we want to save it as. We now have to click a button before seeing these options
And lastly, the field to set the name of the file we’re saving is so far away from the save path which makes them feel so disconnected whereas they’re not.
I tremendously vote for the previous design where everything was readily visible. It looks more beautiful the way it is now, space cleared and all, but it’s really not functional


Are you the new boss or why do you fire the File Manager?

But I agree, sorting via a single button makes the process much quicker. The new file browser is visually more appealing and I hope the UX will be more intuitive in the future.