Offset and edges intersection

As an architect who use blender for archvis i had a big problem with modeling and planning on blender , i mainly draw my plans on autocad cuz its easier for me , but i think blender also can be used for planning and a need when i try tobedit my plans after imported in blender, if u guys added some tools which are offset and theres an addon already made and fairly decent but i think it should be implemented in blender officially maybe adding some more utillitys for it
the other tool is edges intersection (when there is 2 edges on same level blender should callculate the intersection point add vertex there and make the 2 edges one with only 3 vetices ) as in tiny cad tool addon and this also shoud be natively added for blender .

thanks guys for all the work u do u are the greatest :heart::heart::heart:


I am working on some code for Boolean that could be adapted to solve the edge intersection problem. What kind of user interface would seem natural to you? Pick a bunch of edges that you know are on the same plane and say “intersect”?


its like picking 2 edges which their direction will intersect and then the operation should be done its called fillet in autocad if u wanna see some reference and in there u can choose radios from 0 to infinit which will define if its curved or hard edge (replace edge with quarter of circle).

and another tool in autocad which depends on same idea is extend which in it u choose first edge line then choosing another edge that will intersect whith the first edge craeting like T shape .
and i forgot to mention the trim tool its would be very handy in multible situations

thanks for replying
and pardon my english , here i will put some video links so u could see it

extend tool autocad

trim tool autocad

fillet tool (it can be used to connect unconnocted edges and not only as chamfer tool )
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I’d like to point out that true offset changes the shape of the geometry and reducing details.

This could be useful every were in Blender:

  • solidify modifier
  • mesh tools addon
  • inset faces
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