Object Reflection/Shine in Eevee - 2.80 Old Beta vs 2.80 RC1


I have a notice something has changed in Eevee that causes the images to be less Shiny then the old beta version of 2.80

I do product rendering for living. My client likes the old shiny surfaces and I am stuck using old Blender 2.80 version (blender-2.80.0-git.25772c9e1d2d-windows64)

I am putting renders of Beta vs RC1.

My Old Beta and RC1 Color Management Settings

I know, I am asking to look back several months to find out what had changed. I am stuck in this case.

I need your help.


RC2 is also there, now. Maybe something goes wrong in RC1 and fixed in RC2… You can try

Note: Not a answer, just a tips

Thank you. It was issue with the color management in Environment. Linear interpolation is default in 2.80, My requirement for sharp reflections was sRGB.