Object mode is not working in blender 2.8

I can’t select objects from a project I’m working on. I can select some of them by right-clicking on the names on the list. Although, there is no outline indicating that an object is selected when I select an object. Moreover, I can’t move the objects with a moving tool (which is actually not visible) nor by pressing ‘G’ – rotating and scaling is not possible as well. I can move the objects in the edit tho.

I have tried to append all of the objects from the project to a new one. The same thing is happening but just to the objects from the project, I’m working on. However, all is working fine with a new object just for a bit of time.

Do you know why is that?

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Have you by chance accidentally disabled “selection” for the viewport or collection? Any of the arrows in the screenshot:

All enabled … I’m wondering if the file got damaged somehow …

I think I have got it — It looks like Blender can’t handle when there is a lot of object in the scene.

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can you define “a lot of objects” and post an example scene where you suffer this problem so devs can try it and see what is happening? :slight_smile:


I had another bunch of objects in a scene – this time all was good so I’m not sure what caused the problem.

Initially, I appended the project to Blender 2.7 – deleted 20 objects and appended the project back to Blender 2.8 in order to solve the problem.

I experienced the same problem starting yesterday. I appended a model file and then could not scale it. If I opened the original model file, I could scale it just fine.

I think the file into which I was appending was somehow corrupted. I say this because I create a new file, appended my model, and then I could scale it just fine. Sadly, I overwrote the file that I suspect was corrupted with the new file so I cannot submit that for forensics. If you are having this problem, try appending to a new file and see if that helps.

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Quick note, I’m using Blender 2.83 on Windows 10 with all the latest OS and drivers as of today. My addons are Kitops, BoxCutter, Decal Machine and Fluent.

Maybe you accidentally linked the object file instead of appending? A linked object is imported read-only (including it’s transforms) so you need to add a library override to be able to move it.

At least that’s my experience with linked objects. I’m fairly new to blender myself, so I could have overlooked something.