NVidia GTX 1050M Crash using Bumblebee/Primus

Crash stdout log is here : https://pastebin.com/1n16dUcD
Tested on ubuntu repo version and nightly version blender-2.81-8c991bf63a88-linux-glibc217-x86_64
PC is Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15CH (with Nvidia GTX1050M)
I am using Bumblebee + Primus and running with primusrun. Feel free to ask for any log file. Running without primusrun (on intel IGP) works perfectly.

This looks like primusrun is altering the environment somehow. The wrong locations for scripts are being looked at. If you downloaded latest 2.81 and extracted it to /home/krazymagix/blender-2.81, then modules should be looked up at under /home/krazymagix/blender-2.81/2.81.

But maybe someone will have more info on what primusrun does.

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Any way to manually set the environment to alter the script lookup path back to the right location ?

Sorry, I have no idea what primusrun does really. But the log you showed points towards using the incorrect locations.

Maybe you need to do primusrun /full/path/to/blender to ensure the right blender executable is being run…

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Actually, you are right. Running primusrun ./blender (oops), the modules are actually found, but blender still crashes. Here are the logs : https://pastebin.com/J6a3wy6h , https://pastebin.com/d17LB7Fn .
It looks more “interesting” than just an environment problem

Hmm, that is not much to go from. Are you able to build Blender from sources?

I tried, but the install fails. Maybe I did something wrong ? All the libraries are installed.
Log : https:// pastebin . com /7kZKLXDF (link protection stops me from posting it)
I don’t know how to run it from here, though it must be somewhere because the build succeeds.

Here is my folder after the build is “done” :

> ls
build_files  CMakeLists.txt  COPYING  doc  extern  GNUmakefile  intern  make.bat  readme.rst  release  source  tests

EDIT : Found it in ../build_linux and this version doesn’t crash !!!
EDIT 2 : Whoa that new interface looks DOPE

Yah, Discourse settings are a bit of a bummer at the moment. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll tweak it a bit so new users on this forum like yourself don’t get spanked for no good reason, especially since we were in a good discussion bout :slight_smile:

Great that you have a working Blender version now! Not sure why your nightly build was failing. But for future: if you run into crashes with your own builds after you update to latest sources and have rebuilt it’d be very useful if you saw the effort of creating a debug build.

Don’t worry about that for now though. Just come poke here on DevTalk if that happens and I can hold your hand while we walk through getting a stacktrace. That’d be of huge help.

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I will be git-pulling / building every couple of days (I use GitHub - sobotka/blender: Mirror of the official Blender Git repository. Updated every hour.) and will feedback if ever I have crashes. I will look into debug builds / debug logs / stack traces if ever I have a problem :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for helping me !