Now that we have the OpenVDB destructive remesh option, why not to include the OpenVDB remesh option in the remesh modifier? (D4960)

We have tested it and it works very well, it useful in many situation and it does not include a new modifer (something that can be more problematic).

Having the OpenVDB remesh option in the remesher modifier is super useful for various things, like mixing fluid simulations tih hand made geometric animations, making boolean operations that won’t create different geometry but a very stable base to work with, and easy to animate, and many other things.

This is the patch from @scorpion81

I’m not sure who is now the responsible of these things, I think it’s you @jesterKing so I mention you here :slight_smile:

There is also the OpenVDB particle mesher, super useful too, and this is in fact a new modifier:

Also by @scorpion81 reviving an initial work done by @kevindietrich


I agree, the current implementation of having it in the Object Data is good for once-off remeshing, but having it as a modifier would be great.

Well, it is in the remesh modifier in the sculpt branch. You can move objects around and they will continuously voxel remesh. It’s just not been merged yet, if I’m not mistaken. But you can go test it out I’m the sculpt branch!

Oh! Yes :slight_smile:

And in my own build, the Bone-Studio one, right now we had to remove it, but we have a new version implemented thanks to @scorpion81.

The thing is that since it’s already implemented in object data I see no reason to not have it implemented as a modifier already, specially the one that is just an option of the remesh modifier

I see. I think it’s just a time thing. It probably needs some more work before it’s fully ready, after all live-continuous voxel remeshing sounds a lot more difficult than 1 time remeshing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in 2.81 or 2.82.

I’m curious about

What’s that all about, sounds interesting!

Hey, this somehow slipped my attention.

I think the feedback from @brecht should be used to split up the patch. Further probably good to poke either @ideasman42 or @JeroenBakker for further guidance to get the patch reviewed.

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You can test everything in our build, it’s on

What we removed is a separate modifier for the particle mesher, while a point of view is having it as a separate modifier, in fact what we do is to remesh particles, since particles itself are vertex floating around, we don’t think there is a need for a full new modifier, things acomodate very well inside the remesh modifier.

It works pretty well right now.

@jesterKing @scorpion81 already did the split in two patches, now he is working again with everything tied together, he can explain why he made the dev decission, but from a user standpoint, the particle meshing options inside the remesher works very well and it avoids the need for a new modifier.

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We already have Voxel remesher implemented, but it doesn’t gives non-destructive workflow. It’s good for sculpting when you want to fix your topology really fast.

Is there any possibilities to add this feature to remesh modifier? I tested it months ago in one Build (which currently I can’t find on Graphicall) thinking that it will be implemented with 2.81 considering that everything worked for me just fine, but it’s still not available in latest build.


You can find it on graphicall :slight_smile:

The voxel remesher is in our build, bone-studio build on


I tested it just now and I noticed that Operands doesn’t work. When I press + nothing happens.

Mmm weird, I tested it 3 days ago and they were working, let me check :slight_smile: