Notes on Collections

Collections are an awesome paradigm and in a current fairly large collaborative project made some things possible that weren’t possible before (hierarchical assets, quantity of assets per file).
A few usability notes:

  • Asset files may have hundreds of collections, so move to a new collection (‘M’, usually) probably shouldn’t come as the very last choice in the list.
  • Also moving to an existing collection gets slow. A quick-search (maybe even remembering last input?) would improve that a lot.
  • “Layer” hotkeys (1…0) hide collections except chosen index. Very useful on small scenes, but cumbersome to get visibility back when there’s a lot of collections. “Show all layers” (Un-hide all collections) function probably should be brought back?
  • As far as we’ve found the only way to truly (not “instance”) include a collection into multiple other collections is choosing the Active Collection in Layers view of Outliner, then switching to Scene view and pressing link to scene on needed collection. That could be more accessible. The use case is when creating the link/append ready collections of, for example assets, that include sub-collections with objects common for all assets.