Not Sure if Bug: Should Transparent Objects contribute to Ambient Occlusion?

Hello. I’m writing this post because I don’t know if I’ve found a bug, an intended behavior, or a known issue/undesirable but still intended behavior. I’ve noticed that Transparent objects contribute to Ambient Occlusion, even if they are completely invisible. While a truly invisible object should usually be excluded from rendering, sometimes they are useful (for example, in shaders that animate). It would be nice if AO contributions were attenuated by the transparency of an object, so that it contributes less and less as the object reaches full transparency.

If this sounds like a bug, I will make a full bug report, but I don’t want to clutter up the bug page with not-a-bug reports. Then again, I’m kinda doing the same thing here on Devtalk! On the other hand, if this is in fact not a bug, we have a place to talk about this.


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Not a bug, it’s done this way for performance reasons.