Not being offensive, but Stack design from 3ds max is the Mr. Right to Modifier Stack for now

The modifier stack update on the latest version of blender, it compresses all the things which lead you to need to click a lot to open and close all those sub-sessions instead of focusing on tweaking.

Click Click Click Click…

You should check out the Modifier List Addon. It organizes the modifiers similar to your screenshots. So it might be to your liking :slight_smile:

There is also is a thread discussing the layout and UI of the modifier stack, in case you wanna provide further feedback:

Not being offensive, but Stack design from 3ds Max is the Mr. Right to Modifier Stack

The best is the one from C4D. The “modifiers” they live in the outliner, where you can do all sort of crazy things like nesting, grouping and whatnot. :wink:

Give this job to Everything Node~

I don’t think that a modifier stack that need to be expanded in 4 columms to avoid scrolling is the best reference of good UI/UX.


Max modifier stack is a different concept because UVs is also a modifier and all is a modifier. You need to put all info and tools in that sidebar.

But the idea of have all info without hide is good. Because we have seen a lot of regression in that aspect in blender 2.8, we had all info in one site, easy to find, and now you need to search each parameter in a specific subpanel

yes , that’s why I said for now.
anyway separating queue and parameters is quite handy to solve the issue modifier stack has right now