Not being allowed to hold down shift before using gizmo

Shift dragging on the gizmo creates very fine movement, which is great.

Not so great is that you must first make a normal, often coarse or accidentally huge, dragging movement. So, instead of a fine adjustment, you often overcompensate and then have to make a (otherwise unnecessary) correction.

It would be a lot better if you would be allowed to hold down shift before you start to drag so you can more easily make minor tweaks to already placed geometry.


Seems this behavior was changed in 2.91/2?

Now, you’re actually allowed to hold shift down before dragging a gizmo… but it does not have the same effect as holding down shift after you’ve start dragging the gizmo. In fact, it seemingly has no effect in most cases, except for dragging the move gizmo’s arrows, which then temporarily becomes a scaling operation…

What was the design rationale behind this change??

Btw, what I’m asking for is just that the behavior of the gizmos should be consistent with the behavior of the shortcut keys (like G, R and S), and even the number input boxes!

Just as long as it doesn’t change that Snap and Precision can be used with sticky keys after the klick. I’m also working in another software where you have to hold Ctrl before klicking if you want snapping, releasing it during the transform turns off snap and won’t bring it back unless started with Ctrl-Click from anew.
This is extremely uncomfortable to use.