Node selection doesn't go through reroute nodes

Basically a copy of :anchor: T98992 Node selection doesn’t go through reroute nodes ( but I created this topic anyways so that it doesn’t get forgotten.

Thanks to rB75bb99fa40dd (also mentioned in Reference/Release Notes/3.2/Nodes Physics - Blender Developer Wiki)
Node links of selected nodes are now highlighted the entirely, which is awesome.

What is not so awesome is that this selection doesn’t pass through reroute nodes, meaning that in large node setups you usually have to go through several reroute nodes until you see where a node is connecting to.

To fix this just highight all branches and reroutes of an output link(right side of a node) and highlight only the upstream branches for input links(left side of a node).
This way a user can directly see where the inputs are coming from and where the outputs are leading to.

Not sure whether this is a bug or developer oversight. But anyways I really don’t think we need a discussion over this, as there is not much to discuss about since nobody cares which reroutes a node takes and only where the inputs come from and where the outputs go to.

So yeah probably a developer oversight.

@lone_noel is currently working on this.

Thank you and have a great day!