Node Editor: improve frame and frame label

I think the current node editor should improve the frame,and we also need a tip node to store multi-line comments.

Using my own process as an example, I would quickly create the basic nodes, then frame up the nodes responsible for a certain purpose, and then frame up some combination functions and other arithmetic nodes inside this frame. This kind of manage will cause the frame overlay problem

The second problem is ,the frame node does not support ‘\n’. When we try to read other’s node tree with tips in a frame, we need to grab from this side to the other side to read the text or we have to write a short text(it is not much different from giving the node a long name).
Even after we group some node instead of framing it, we have no area to put down our description for this group.Instead, We have to frame it again, and write a long line of text.

I think we should find out a solution for the layout and readability in the next coming 3.0’s node editor.


The current behaviour of the frame node is so bad that I almost never use it as intended but misuse it as a comment node on the side not touching other nodes. It’s trying to be too smart and it’s failing at that.

  • There is no way to disable the auto parenting of nodes that are put inside, so you constantly have to clear the parent to move nodes outside again.
  • Frame in frame is not working in practice. Would prefer “dumb” backdrops with sortable z-index (moving up and down in z)
  • The default set to “shrink” is very questionable and once shrink is “active” it doesn’t let you resize the frame anymore, why?
  • The small area in the corner that lets you resize the frames is just a single pixel big and really annoying to use
  • The label size has a hard limit of 64px which is rather small for big and complex node setups

All in all these small annoyances (that might be not too hard to fix) really add up.
As Blenders node editors get more and more important with each release it would be amazing to see someone put some love into these quality of life improvements.


I can’t see any task related to this topic on User Interface Workboard at this link User Interface · Workboard

This worth to mention to User Interface developer like @julianeisel since nodes are becoming more and more important part of Blender right now.

Is there any plan for improving this frame node behavior that user are not aware of at the moment ?

and oh, is it actually should be User Interface modul who handle this ?