NLA animation layers backport (non-replace mode keyframes)

Hi, I noticed a nice commit in 2.80 that means keyframes added in non-replace mode are added correctly. Would it be possible to backport this to 2.79?


We do not intend to backport such changes to 2.79 anymore, but rather focus on finishing 2.80.

Thanks for your reply Brecht. That’s a shame though, as kind of feels like an outstanding bug that kills lots of the utility of the different strip blend modes.

I could try and cherry-pick the commit and fix up the merge conflicts but I’m not very familiar with the source. Is there anything show-stopping I should look out for? Cheers!

I don’t think there is anything show-stopping, but you’ll have to solve many merge conflicts. And maybe backport a few other commits in the same area, I’m not sure.

OK, I might give it a go, thanks. Am I ok to ask for advice if I need? Finally, if I get it working, would you be interested in a PR?