Newbie here - questions like this will improve blender accessibility for new users

Hello just started using blender since the new UI made me change my mind about blender and more newbie and also user friendly overall its a good experience.
I am just going away from the standard industry paid 3d softwares and giving blender some change to my heart. its time to jump into the boat!

Questions like this one below come from a newbie perspective and maybe experienced users do not have this in mind because they already know how to do it (because its automatic since they use blender many years)

One suggestion would when you active the rotate tool to apear on some panel (maybe on the right) the values of the active tool so that i can input the values X,Y,Z using the keyboard with a numeric precision (or any other tool that need numeric inputs to have its atributes auto activate to show on screen).
Maybe this feature already exists but i am now going to google to search for “how to input numeric values on rotate tool” on the search. This kind of questions maybe all newbies also get from and they need to be explicit based on the tool you are working with. Maybe its hidden on the panels? maybe its a keyboard shortcut to show the panel? i do not know how to activate this…

One more tip if you want to improve the software you are building do not ask too much questions just put someone that never have used blender before and give him some task maybe he will find how hard still to make simple things as a newbie and in this cases most of the time its not a newbie problem but probably it is a UI interface problem

Not sure if i fully understand your question, but you can input especific values after you release the tool/transform, but i strongly recomend you to get used to the modals/transform with hotkeys and not the tools itself, its really one of the best things in blender.

Example: Press ‘‘R’’ to rotate and ‘‘Z’’ to lock the rotation on the Z axis, then just input the value you want, like 30°, that’s it. You can do that for Scale and Move too.

shortcuts are useful i know but for newbies the UI is more intuitive. what i am saying is a kind of panel with visual input for values. hotkeys are for advanced people who aims speed for newbies and people trying to learn blender UI is more convenient

I disagree, it may be for advanced users the use of a lot of hotkeys of finer thigs like ‘‘checker deselect’’, but is definitely not for simple things like transform since is just a few hotkeys for basic operations.

But having the input value box poping after you ‘‘pressed the tool’’ instead of after the operation is done may be a better idea.

Blender2.8 has had a lot of problems, debates and discussions about it. At first they wanted to put that in the topbar, but it never got right. Previously it was in the left bar, but it has been removed and now it is in a panel that appears after the operation…

In fact you always have access to those values, as you have been told. With hotkeys, but the user is not told explicitly that he can do it because it would be very annoying once you know it.

Some of us asked them to put all those things in the N panel on the right side of the viewport, but they haven’t paid much attention to us.

The most important question about what you say is that I think that never, in the active tools, have raised that procedure with the tools. That is to say, they have always been raised as tools that work by pressing and then pressing the gizmo, they have never been raised, at least publicly, as the user could always activate rotation, scale, extrusion … simply using a panel.

But it is a good point.

Yet the bottom bar has Confirm, Cancel, [X], [Y], [Z], etc, including [G], [R], [S], which could be replaced by [NUM] as hint about typing, more important than the fact you can change tool in the middle of other tool.

BTW, discovered Snap Invert is bound to “impossible” key (^) in some keyboards (works as accent, and even requires shift). Depending of how it works WRT Snap Toggle, it could be removed, getting even more space for things with higher priority.

One way to do what you are asking for, is to drag on a gizmo handle. While dragging the handle, you can type in a numerical value to move in that direction.

On top of that, yes, the ‘redo’ panel doesn’t work very well for things like transform. It makes little sense that you can only adjust the move tool this way after you’ve performed your initial movement. I pushed hard to get this improved during Code Quest, but apparently was not so easy to change that. For such a basic feature, it should be nicer in this regard.

For adjusting one-off commands, such as Extrude. the redo panel works fairly well. But in the context of active tools, and especially transform, it is quite weak.