New to blender problems with selecting vertices can select some but not others

Just in general editing lets say a cube, add a loop cut and delete the left vertices. Then mirror on the X axis and enable clipping. Things seem to work fine then after moving some vertices, I can not select others even when i draw a box around the ones im looking to select. if i draw a box around the whole thing everything becomes selected. If i start left clicking I notice that some vertices in other locations become selected. I move in and out of views changing from front to side etc. Im in wireframe mode as well. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I’ve included an image. Using the selection box, I can’t select the vertices. And this is right after selecting and moving others.
One last thing i noticed was I loaded a reference image in front and side view without deleting the cube at startup. I noticed I could no longer go into edit mode to alter the cube. If I select the cube and delete it, it also deletes the images. I love the build and the new GUI btw. Using blender-2.80.0-git.a205493426b-windows64

Indeed, sometimes whrn modelling blender just refuses to select anything, whenever that happens i try every selection tool, different angle of viewport, going out of edit mode and back seems to fix this. However since it randomly happens (atleast once every sitting) and i can’t reproduce it i haven’t filed a bug, i was hoping someone else might be able to discover what triggers it.