New tab for CAD type sketch elements

With all the improvements going on at the moment the creation of accurate eg mechanical objects is still time consuming.
How much easier and simpler it would be if we could have a new tab on the top menu panel for “CAD” type elements. Something along the lines of Solidworks sketch panel for example, which could then be saved as a sketch element and used in the usual way in blender (extrude, scale etc).
Iv’e no idea if this is possible but seems there is a opportunity to fill a gap here.

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You can get pretty far with Boolean modifiers, but the sort of precise modeling you are thinking of requires a parametric modeling engine, which is fundamentally different from the modeling that blender is designed for. There’s a lot more to it than most people realize.

Had a feeling that it would not be an easy thing to do, in 2.8 the *.dxf import add-on is not available, I"m hoping that it will ported from 2.79 at some point? It"s a very useful plug in to have particularly for mechanical / architectural work etc.
For know have to stick to 2.79 for that type of work.
2.8 is shaping up to be a cracking piece of software though

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I think this would be great, but this isn’t really the right place for proposing new features, just for giving feedback on existing ones. Put a proposal on and see your votes go up. There are a lot of people asking for more accuracy in Blender.

Not necessarily. He’s talking about sketches or 2d drawings, not necessarily the modelling features, just making curves and lines which could be used to make the 3d objects. Something where you had controls over line and arch dimensions while drawing them would help a good bit. Of course, we would first need the ability to draw at all instead of placing a premade curve and then extruding points.

Dan you have hit the nail on the head, it"s just the sketch side I"m talking about not the modelling side of it.
Blender does that perfectly well and in many areas better.

Are you thinking of something like Ortho?

Not really, was thinking more of the outline of a item /part as seen in most engineering drawings etc, that can then be directly manipulated in Blender. At the moment you have to create a 2D *.dxf file import it and then use it, which means using other software but that"s not efficient and does lead to discrepancies with scale etc of the the dxf file as imported.For some reason the older versions of Blender handled this better than the newer versions.
Sketch elements would be along the lines of Line, Fillets, Arcs, Circles etc these would need to be able to be accurate dimensions and the “element” transfered to the modelling tab etc .