New selection behavior (2.81) is terrible

In new selection behavior in 2.81 you can’t select items in edit mode, hidden by faces created by modifiers:

In this case you can not select items in this cases:

  • Modelling a bowl-like objects:


  • Solidify:


  • Displace:


  • Shrinkwarp:


  • And the most useless example: Skin modifier makes absolutely unusable, because it have not “on cage” option:


Note, that turning on x-ray or wireframes is not perfect solution because:

  • You should continuously switch between x-ray and solid that takes time
  • In complex objects in wireframes can be to hard to select because of backfaces

Please make selection back as 2.80, or make ability to fallback in user preferences

Here is a bug, that I reported:


+1 to that. Old behaviour is better.


is this fix related?
Fix T69716: Can’t select geometry hidden by faces created by modifiers


Strange. Perhaps they already fixed it. But it works fine for me. Latest build 17.09.2019

Yes, my report: - have same number


Maybe it’s not great place to suggest it, but, if the developers want to make selection only for visible elements, I suggest hide elements that can’t be selected, instead blocking of elements selection, that suddenly became invisible.

For example in edit mode (in wireframe, with xray off) if you haven’t subsurf, you cant see elements, hidden by obstacles:


So, I suggest to hide this elements like this:

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