New Scale gizmo is way too large

While I am happy that the issue of extremely sensitive uniform scaling using gizmo was solved, it was addressed very poorly. This is what we ended up with:

The entire red marked are is now uniform scale interaction area, which is ridiculous. Having the inner circle still present is pointless, since it does not provide scale sensitivity that’s anywhere near usable. Dragging on the outer ring provides the correct scale sensitivity, which pretty much maps 1:1 to the movement of the mouse in screen space.

My suggestion is to completely ditch the center ring. Keep only the outer ring, and make it’s active area only around the ring, like this:

Also, the planar scaling (XY, XZ, YZ) is still way too sensitive, because those squares are close to center. The ideal solution would be to simply ditch the concept of varying sensitivity depending on proximity to the selection center for gizmos only and then put the scale circle back where it was, but with fixed sensitivity. The sensitivity variance when using scale gizmos does a lot more damage then good. For example dragging on different places alongside any of the scale X, Y or Z arrows results in wildly different intensities, which are in no way helpful for the user.

The concept of varying sensitivity makes sense for gizmo-less 2.79 style transform tools, as you can place your cursor anywhere in advance, but it just makes no sense for gizmos.


Hey it’s open source software, if you don’t like it write a patch and get Tom to include it, or just write it for yourself. :laughing:

Cheers, Clock.

this is a bit overboard, to be honest i really dislike the outer ring as it indicates something like screen rotation gizmo and really doesn’t fit their design well…the inner ring should be
the one that solves this, maybe changing it’s shape to a square or a triangle like in other softwares, it seems to work well for them…also made a suggestion to be able to change their size easily that could help too.


lol… what’s the point? who touches the gizmo when you can click and drag anywhere to uniform scale?

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Drag anywhere is not the default behavior. By default it selects.

The real solution is to disable the piece of code that changes sensitivity based on the distance from gizmo center for gizmos. It works okay for 2.79 style transform operators, but not for 2.8 gizmos.

well i am not a coder so i am not sure,but if you disable the sensitivity then maybe the modal operators won’t work as expected…i am suggestion something more like this ,if you even increase the size of the gizmo you get even more control.

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It is the default. Maybe you’re using a custom keymap?

for the Industry compatible keymap click drag is removed for the transform gizmos and replaced with box select same with the G,R,S hotkeys, that’s why they are trying to tweak how they work.

Ah, so this is about the industry compatible keymap… I don’t use it anymore. This keymap was promising at the beginning, but when they added middle mouse button to perform tool actions it was the end for me. This totally defeated the purpose of it.

Yeah, just disabling sensitivity variance for scale gizmo would solve the issue. There’s no point of dragging anywhere else than on the very edge. Only there the sensitivity is acceptable.


  1. Put the ring back to center
  2. Disable distance based sensitivity multiplier for gizmos


The RC is about to come and this is still not fixed. This definitely should not make it in final 2.8!

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It is true that gizmo change is counterproductive.
It is almost impossible to quickly scale according one axis or a plane with that.
Hotspot for anything else than uniform scale is ridiculously too small.

It is so ridiculous that I am wondering if it was intentional. Maybe a bugreport should be filled about that.

Any bug reports about usability issues are always rejected, such as:
BF does not consider usability issues bugs, no matter how severe.

Hi, yet another significant usability issue with the poor design of new scale gizmo:

Since scale sensitivity is severely affected by the distance of the cursor from the gizmo center, it’s only possible to achieve reasonable scale sensitivity by clicking the very far end of scale handle. However now that the outer ring is present, I very often misclick and activate the outer ring instead of far end of the handle. This makes usage of the scale gizmo very painful.

This is a technical issue, not a design issue. The scale operator always uses the distance from the center to set the sensitivity. This needs to be able to become fixed, so we don’t need to do silly things like making the uniform scale handle this large to work around the sensitivity issue.

I believe @ideasman42 looked into this but wasn’t able to make it work in the short term.

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I too ran into this issue and got furiated each time when trying to grab one of the axes.

May i suggest something like this? at least as a temporary solution.

Another mockup.


To be honest after trying few DCCs, i think Houdini & C4D have the best designed ones, very advanced and easy to use, Blender feels like it only got started and there is the issue of the 3D Gizmos conflicting with the modal transform operators and holding their progress, there should be a middle ground to make the Gizmos as useful as in any other DCC since they’re the central tools for manipulation.

3 years have passed, yet the issue is still there.

This sensitivity problem also occurs with the inset gizmo when you try to click and drag from the exact center – it doesn’t even inset the faces. Close to the center, the drag input is very sensitive. It is usable when clicking on the actual ring.

Why do scale, inset (and others) have this behavior where initiating the tool or command from the screen center results in hypersensitive input? It is really annoying.

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