New movie operator camera features

Today I tried to film an object approaching with a fixed offset and I realized how many changes I would have to make for it.
I think the camera object should be improved or new handling possibilities added for filming moving one object as it happens in any ordinary filming.
I guess on the development side it wouldn’t be too much trouble if it implemented the following features:

  • filming that a moving object with a fixed offset;
  • filming all around according to a defined circular shape;
  • the possibility to focus on different objects;
  • separate filming with time-lapse cameras - see video and audio editing in timeline.
  • keeping a moving object in the filming area, in unity 3D there are cinemachine;

The place for new features is Right-Click Select — Blender Community

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Not to mention everything in this list is possible and even easy to achieve with just a couple constraints


Thanks for the reply. Yes, since these operations are time-consuming and theoretically can be combined as a working basis, I have added the ideas that I consider pragmatic and necessary.