New keymap/UI - personal feedback

So, I will be direct:
I am a quite longtime blender studant(5 years).
The new keymap is inconvenient, I am disapointed, blender is loosing its identity.

1 - I’m gonna never use the new tool system because is a slow workflow. Drag the mouse back and forth to select other tools? shotcuts are soo more easy!!, I will certainly rebind Tab to editmode anyway and make a UI addon to bring back something like the old toolbar (probably customizable) and a faster space menu, otherwise, I will never see blender as friendly again.

2 - blender has got slow in general, I dont know if that is just because it is in development but the default cube scene runs at max 30 FPS and with eevee at 10FPS, I am afraid of having to buy a new computer in order to run blender :disappointed:

3 - Sculptmode is vanishing. I dont know if you notice but when in sculptmode, the fastest way to select brushes is using the number row but now, with the new shotcuts, we have to manually select brushes (Slooow), also how to create new brushes, I dont see any (+) button anywhere?
C’mon, Blender is also a sculpting software, I DONT WANT TO BUY ZBRUSH!! Here is how my workflow is in 2.7, I dont expect to be faster in 2.8:

4 - The EEVEE is awesooooome!!!

Please, dont forget us, the mad guys who only use shortcuts foreverything.

  1. you can access tools with shortcuts - (see: Switch Tools)
  2. its too early to take feedback on performance.
  3. this is also half finished and too early to take feedback. If something seems buggy - chances are its a bug we know about which will be fixed before release.

From my point of view, this is a abrupt change that will mess with who worked hard to learn the blender keymap, muscle memory is hard or almost impossible to change after learning.

Try to stear a bike with inverted controls.

I think would be more reliable and logic if by pressing tab, a pie menu apears with the modes. Also, not all tools fit this switch tools popup.

So, I will not lie, I don’t like the new keymap because it affects directly my workflow but people seem to love it, specially the way to change modes, but I want to make a suggestion.

I read here that some people even loving the new 1 2 3 4 … to change modes still feel a strong habit of trying to press Tab to go to edit.

Why not making a Tab pie menu, Pie menus are consistent, an operator is always displayed in certain place in the pie so will be easy to remember?
Down = Edit
Up = Object
Left = Weight
Right = Sculpt
So on…
Some people will say that it requires two clicks instead of one but the truth is not, you don’t need to click the button, holding tab, dragging the mouse and releasing tab will behave like a click!

And with the removal of layers:
I used to use the number keys to easily toggle the layers visibility but its seems to not be valid, so why not instead of having to go to the outliner to change the collections visibility, we put the visibility icons together on the Move menu (In a safe place, maybe a second row to avoid accidentaly moving objects to wrong collections of course)!

The sculptmode also used the number keys to change brushes, if the plan is to keep this mode switch on those numbers, would be usefull to make a Specials menu for sculpt mode with all the brushes there so we can just press “W” and a popup appears with the brushes to select.

For me, i would like to see fully customisable pie menu. For example changing positions.

Also, if i have a pie menu for /Tab/, how am I suppose to call for search feature(used to be /spacebar/).

I think the double tap space bar is a much more elegant approach for that.

Yes, I like that idea. I can imagine it also to be here (2.8 - /spacebar/ for tools)

Double spacebar for direct search and this (image) as an option.

Give it a heart if you like it :wink:


I actually didnt mean that but your example is better anyway, I like it.

I gave a last try.

I will never get used with those new shotcuts, I always press Tab, even when I want consiently to press 2, thats horrible :fearful:

yeah, me too. i change it back tab to toggle edit mode and space for search ^^