New File Prompt Issues/Feedback

The old “New File” Prompt is back. “Changes in current file will be lost, Continue?”

It’s as annoying in previous versions of blender. When you go to the file menu to create a new document you tend to move the mouse after selecting to create a new file. This causes the “New File” Prompt to disappear right after it appears.

Maybe it would be better to have a prompt that you have to accept or cancel rather than just disappear by not hovering over it.

If this can’t be done maybe add an option to disable it in the preference.


RonanDucluzeau pointed out you can disable the prompt in Preferences under Save and Load. Thanks for the Tip. We should still improve the current prompt.

If you disable Save Prompt option under Save & Load tab in preferences, New FIle Prompt is disabled, too.
Is it satisfying or do you want to keep Quit prompt and only disable New File prompt ?