New Developer Documentation Platform - Migration Update

A little update on the ongoing migration.


:tada: By now all relevant Wiki content is ported to the new platform:

Most notably:

Feedback is welcome, especially on the overall structure.

The Wiki is still active, but feel free to do further documentation edits (including release notes edits) on the new platform. (Instructions)

Next Steps

Right now we’re preparing the Wiki “shutdown”. That is, putting it into read-only mode and enabling redirects to the new documentation. An alternative way to store binary files is being worked on too, so we don’t rely on Git LFS. Will be communicated separately.

The Wiki can probably stay available under for now. Moving it to can happen later.

Progress can be followed in the task: #116055: New Developer Documentation Platform.

More Info


I just want to give a huge thank-you to everyone who wrote and organized the new content.

The Features documentation, in particular, is much more useful to me than the previous jumble of stuff.


This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing the slideshow and putting in the effort for the blog writeup.

I/we often experiencing this exact issue at nearly all studios/projects, with poor image management and context switching discouraging the maintenance of documentation.

Curious to hear/see how this all pans out.

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Some people asked how recent Wiki edits are handled:
We (probably I) will port all recent edits on the Wiki to the new platform. It’s not a lot of edits, mostly release notes additions.

Also, it seems like we can properly archive the Wiki as static HTML within right away.

Expect the Wiki “shutdown” this week, probably on Thursday.

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Very nice work!
One quick feedback about the location of the Caret icon, it should be on the left of the text and not on the right. It makes it really confusing to know what belongs to whom when you have more than one nested hierarchy.

On the first image, I can’t really tell (unless I pay close attention to the hierarchy menu) what is part of the “Tooling” hierarchy and what the next main subject is (which is “Bug Reports”).

On the second image, you can clearly see what belongs to the “Tools” hierarchy and the next main subject (which is “Bug Reports”).


Over here:

The links to mac and windows platforms give a 404.

I don’t know if this is an old url that still needs redirecting or that everybody testing this uses linux?

This is an old version of the page, in new versions all URLs would be lower-case: Building Blender - Blender Developer Documentation. The buildbot doesn’t currently delete old files when updating the documentation, so these old pages/URLs can pop up on search engines. There is a task for this, #104500: Clean up old files on server when deploying, and I have a buildbot PR for it, but it’s not merged yet.

It’s a pity that page is (or at least was for me) the top result in both google and duckduckgo :frowning:

The buildbot fix to delete old files is deployed, so the old URL from above leads to a 404 now. Search engines should stop listing it soon.

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Don’t know if it’s a general issue, but link to documentation from Blender Add-On (Add Cuve: dimension) goes to

leading to file not found

Original reference doc_url is a grep shows that more files got as doc reference on addons-contrib folder