New denoise node is great but it's highlighting a problem with the compositor

compositor re calculates all nodes, even those downstream from changes. This should be changed so only upstream nodes are re-calculated.

Makes no sense waiting 10 seconds for the denoise node to re-process if you add a colour correct node after it…


I’ve also just noticed that even if I enable buffer groups and place the denoise node in the group, it still recalculates it rather than using the group’s previously cached result. Is this a bug I should report, or am I misunderstanding what the buffer groups option does?

yeah would be good if we could have node that basicaly saves input to disc and automaticly reads it… and simple button to SAVE so we manually can refresh it…

That is a mystery to me: I never noticed any improvement using that option, nothing that made me claim “now that the nodegroup result is cached, the tree evaluation is actually faster!”

yeah, it’s a weird one for sure. It must do something, or perhaps it’s just broken.